In-Ceiling Features
Kevlar® Woofers
The strength of Kevlar® helps the cone retain its shape at very high energy levels and its low mass assures quick, accurate response.  The cone’s woven surface delivers smooth, uncolored mids.  The kapton voice coil former and butyl rubber surround  ensure that these woofers will provide years of consistent, reliable performance.

Silk Soft Dome Pivoting Tweeters
Silk soft dome tweeters deliver natural, uncolored high frequency audio evenly over a wide dispersion pattern.  Ferro Fluid is used in the voice coil gap to lubricate and cool it.  This significantly increases power handling and improves transient response.  The pivoting feature allows the already wide dispersion pattern to be aimed directly at the central seating / listening area delivering a seamless, transparent and coherent sound space.

Perforated Metal Grille & Elegant Frames
The frames & grilles are factory finished in satin white, which will stand as a finish on its own or serve nicely as a primer base if painted to match or complement wall finish or room décor without the need for any additional preparation. Spun cellulose grille inserts provide sonic transparency yet visual opacity so the individual driver components are not visible through the grille.

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