A-525 CC
Center / All Channel - LCRS

The A-525CC has been optimized for high fidelity home theater applications, primarily as a center speaker. It will function equally well when used for left and right front/surround. The broad dispersion design does not limit the sweet spot to just one seat in the center of the room but provides a large sound field from which to enjoy music and video soundtracks. 

The A-525CC also performs well in high fidelity audio applications 
for the primary stereo channels.


5 Year Parts & Labor Limited Warranty
 5-1/4'' 2-way MTM Center Channel Loudspeaker 
 Dual 5-1/4'' Magnetically shielded Kevlar Woofers with butyl rubber surround
 Equally suitable for Left/Right primary and surround channels
Non-reflective-black MDF cabinet
 Gold spring-post connections that accept up to #10 wire & dual banana plugs
Frequency Response:
Power Handling:
60 watts RMS, 120 watts Max
89dB 2.83V / 1 meter
8 ohms nominal, 6 ohms minimum 
Silk dome ferro-fluid cooled tweeter with acoustically optimized aluminum baffle
Overall Dimensions:
18-5/16'' W x 6-11/16'' H x 6-5/8'' D (Including Grille)

  For most center channel applications the speaker will lay horizontally either beneath or above the video display. Some screens may be acoustically transparent and allow the speaker to be placed behind the screen. The center speaker can be oriented vertically if desired. Due to space constraints this is not usually done for the center channel but is usually done for the main and surround channels.

Significant bass emphasis can occur when a speaker is placed in a corner or in a cabinet. In some cases this is desirable. However, if too much bass emphasis occurs then it may be necessary to reduce the low frequency information to the speaker. This is best done using the tone controls if a subwoofer is not present in the system. However if a subwoofer is present then this is best done by selecting a filtered high-pass output to the primary speakers. This is an available feature in most modern home theater receivers. 

Though the A-525CC can be used without a subwoofer it is ideally suited for use with a subwoofer. When setting up the A-525CC speakers with a subwoofer in a home theater application we recommend the following receiver settings:
Subwoofer (Low Pass) cutoff: 70-110Hz
Main, Center, and Surround Speakers: 80-120Hz 
(small or mid size speakers) 

A higher crossover frequency will allow the A-525CC speakers to play louder without overdriving its 5.25" woofers but the upper bass response of the system may diminish depending on the rate of roll-off. These upper bass frequencies can be reproduced by the subwoofer but the bass may sound detached if the subwoofer is not placed in close proximity to the main speakers. Every system and environment is unique; experiment to determine what works best in yours.

Gold spring-post connections that accept
up to #10 wire & dual banana plugs
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